2013 Les Grands Magasins / Ici et Là-Here and There | Dunkerque

1 Place de la République, Dunkerque                                                                   La Plate-Forme, 67/69 rue Henri Terquem, 59140 Dunkerque                              

03-15 Décembre du Mardi au Dimanche 14h30-18h30. entrée libre               Open 03-15 December Tuesday-Sunday 14.30-18.30. Free entry

                Izabela Brudkiewicz | Delphine Deshayes | Daniel Dowling                                | Stefan Hoffmann | Bie Michels | Rossella Piccinno |                Jini Rawlings | Holger Stark | Yvo van der Vat | Inès Willaume 

Les Grands Magasins/Ici et Là-Here and There is a transnational visual arts project curated by Christine Gist in partnership with La Plate-Forme Laboratoire d’Art Contemporain, Dunkerque and Claremont Studios Community Interest Company (CS CIC), St Leonards-on-Sea (UK). This multi-faceted project has been initiated for Dunkerque 2013 Regional Capital of Culture (DK2013) (April-December 2013).


Taking one of the central themes of DK2013, this collaboration builds on Dunkerque’s maritime heritage, the significance of its working port and the town’s identity as a gateway to and from the rest of Europe and the world. Hastings with its renowned fishing community and coastal activities is a relevant partner for Dunkerque with the sea’s pervasive influence historically impacting on the socioeconomic and cultural environment of both towns.

To highlight this link with maritime landscapes, artists from other European port and harbour cities were invited to participate in Les Grands Magasins/Ici et Là-Here and There. During August and September 2013 the artists worked in Hastings/St Leonards-on-Sea creating temporary interventions in the public space which referenced the unique coastal environment. In Dunkerque, the artists are using an empty commercial property to create installations which are also informed by the town’s maritime location and its communities. But here, the works also establish a dialogue with the building’s architecture and its interior features while aiming to reanimate this empty space.

Additional works are exhibited at La Plate-Forme’s project space (67/69 rue Henri Terquem) which can be seen as re-contextualised elements of the artists’ interventions for Ici et Là-Here and There/Les Grands Magasins juxtaposed with fragments drawn from their research in Dunkerque. The artists’ diverse practices offer a slice of visual culture that explores visible and invisible frontiers, contradictions, logical and illogical solutions.

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