2018 The SPACE 2

Identity-a celebration of culture, heritage and place

20 October 2018-31 January 2019

As part of Identity at The SPACE and in Dordrecht, a series of workshops took place with local residents of ‘Bulgarians in Hastings & St Leonards’. Participants included Boris Atanasov, Victoria Cristal, Lyudmila Georgieva, Nadja Ilieva, Ivan Ivanov, Michelle McCauley, Rosiza Petrova, Aditi Singh, Paloma Sourtchev.

Drawing workshops led by Christine Gist took place at Café Grand Rue de Pera in Hastings and then moved to See Spray Gallery, Queens Road, Hastings where the participants also worked with Hastings artist Jilliene Sellner. These workshops focused on painting and making traditional Bulgarian votive objects. As with Identity in Dordrecht, conversation and hospitality were an important part of these sessions as the participants explored and shared their personal stories, traditions and heritage embedded in their culture

On 19 January 2019, a launch of the work produced was held at See Spray Gallery. This celebratory event featured Bulgarian food and music with paintings, objects, photographs, embroidery and glass painting created by the group.

Identity workshops were realised using public funding from The National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Project Grants, East Sussex County Council through ‘Building Stronger Communities, Hastings Borough Council, The Lions Club of Hastings with the support of See Spray Gallery.

A collaboration between artists from Hastings, Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria and Spain

Galerie DS17 and public spaces in Dordrecht city centre
Installations, performance and events
19-28 November 2018

Curated by Yvo van der Vat, Identity in Dordrecht was a 10 day residency project that brought together a group of artists from across the EU who made new work, collaborated, shared ideas and meals within the framework of marking the 400th anniversary of the Synod of Dordt 1618-1619.

Artists: Neno Belchev (BG) • Izabela Brudkiewicz (UK) • Greig Burgoyne (UK) • Christine Gist (UK) • Sylvie Hauptvogel (D) • Sharon Haward (UK) • Heidi Meier (D) • Penka Mincheva (BG) • Christian Paulsen (D) • Robert Porth (D) • Matthias Roth (D) • Marcos Vidal (E) • Thom van Dijk (NL) • Ibrahim R. Ineke (NL) • Herman Lamers (NL) • Norman Maus (NL) • Clara Palli Monguilod (NL) • Yvo van der Vat (NL) • Robert de Visser (NL)

Identity-St Leonards on Sea:
A collaboration between artists from Hastings & Dordrecht – Twin Towns since 1982

5 October – 2 November – Visible daily from dawn until dusk

Launch event: Friday 5 October 2018 at 18.00

Performances: Saturday 6 October from 14.00-16.00 with Izabela Brudkiewicz & Greig Burgoyne

Artists: Izabela Brudkiewicz • Greig Burgoyne • Christine Gist • Sharon Haward Ibrahim R. Ineke • Tonio de Roover • Yvo van de Vat • Rob Vis

Identity has been realised with the support of The National Lottery through Arts Council England, Hastings Borough Council, The Lions Club of Hastings & in collaboration with Baracca

Greig Burgoyne:Celui que ne m’accompagnait pas

27 September-10 November 2018
cabinet / armoire, Mediathèque de Moulle. 9 rue des Arts, 62910 Moulle

Greig Burgoyne lives & works in Hastings, he is a lecturer at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. He has participated in exhibitions & live performances in the UK & mainland Europe.

Burgoyne’s intensive research at Mediathèque de Moulle provided a situation where he applied an alternative system of the library’s collection that both opened up that order & liberated the words as a result. This process resulted in the production of three works: a wall based text piece, a sound work accessible to library users & visitors & a series of images in the cabinet, representing the empty spaces between books on the library’s shelves. The works gave a new interpretation of words with a focus on sound rather than meaning.

These elements were brought together at the launch with Burgoyne’s live performance where he uttered the sounds of the books while walking both in & outside the library space as he aimed to release words from order & containment & liberate them in space & time.

Burgoyne’s project has been realised in partnership with Espace 36, Saint-Omer & Medithèque de Moulle.


Pierre-Yves Brest:A transformable journal, always the same

Gallery Lock In, Little Western Street, Brighton BN1 2PU

For his 1st exhibition in Brighton, Brest presented ‘Le Protaganiste’, a 9 min looped video (2014), a photo installation ‘Journal N° 2– La vitre teintée’ (2-12-13) & a selection from the series ;Que disiez-vous? Berlin 1960 (2008-09).

The exhibition also included a talk on photographic practice with Brest & Photolanguage. Established in 1998, Photolanguage is an art practice collaboration between Nigel Green & Robin Wilson. Its aim is to develop experimental methods for the documentation of architecture & landscape, & to engage with institutional contexts through specifically sited curatorial & publication projects.

Brest’s exhibition has been developed in partnership with Bethan Troakes, curator of Gallery Lock In

Tom Cardew:Manlyhood is Only One Hood

24 August-24 September 2018

Tom Cardew is a multi-disciplinary artist living & working in Wales, this is his second project at The SPACE. His practice explores modes of everyday narrative construction settled within the ambiguous & seemingly contradictory space between irony & sincerity. Cardew’s work interrogates the cultural discrimination between authenticity & non-authenticity, the real & the representational, & asks whether the binary position is itself a complex &, potentially unanswerable concern.

Indeed Manlyhood is Only One Hood considers the often absurd performativity of politically charged texts that attempt to declare definitive answers to subjective & highly nuanced questions. Within the piece, humour is used as a vehicle to explore the fears & vulnerability of a modern masculinity going through an identity crisis.

tomcardew.co.uk @cardewinstagram

Matthieu Husser:‘Historic England (Wave)’

Gallery Lock In, Little Western Street, Brighton BN1 2PU
19 July-29 July 2018

”H-H (Hastings Heritage’
21 July-19 August 2018

Matthieu Husser lives & works in Lille with a studio at La Malterie, Lille. His work is most often translated through sculpture & first addresses notions of heritage & memory across a city, territory. Husser seeks to reproduce or rehabilitate certain vestiges of the urban landscape, whether they go unnoticed, disappear or radically change.

For Gallery Lock In, Husser created sculpture, wall based objects & painting alongside photo prints. All the works were informed by familiar logos associated with English tourism & heritage which Husser had noticed when he made his first research visit to Hastings/St Leonards & Brighton in February 2018.

At The SPACE, Husser reinterpreted English Heritage’s logo as a 3D faux brick structure, suggesting a ruin & a reminder of the former railwaymen’s club which previously occupied The SPACE.

The 2018/19 projects at The SPACE & off-site are realised with the support of The National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Project Grants. The projects at The SPACE are supported by Hastings Borough Council’s match Funding Scheme.

Christina Macadam: Dare to Paint in St Leonards

9 June – 10 July

St Leonards artist Christina Macadam created on-site painting workshops in response to her personal feeling that there was a lack of creative community projects for children & adults who had never drawn or painted before or had ‘not done art since school’. On 9 & 10 June, Macadam led two successful workshops where participants could paint on two large wooden structures. The workshops attracted over 50 people who created 4 unique colourful & vibrant paintings, chalk drawings & images on paper. It was an event that brought local people & passers-by together to be curious, to experiment & to enjoy themselves as they created a collective installation.

Pierre-Yves Brest: Obliques

31 May – 1 July
cabinet / armoire Mediathèque de Moulle. 9 rue des Arts, 62910 Moulle

Continuing the exhibitions at this satellite venue in France, Pierre-Yves Brest created new interpretations of Obliques, La vitre teintée & Les Briques which were part of a recent exhibition at Château Coquelles, Dunkerque.

Brest’s photographic work is constructed by sets of images, in short chapters, each dedicated to the study of a particular situation or location. Through a strategy of invisibility, absence & silence, Brest invites us to reflect upon our relationship to time, history & to changes in our world. https://pierreyvesbrest.fr

Carla Wright: Lot

7 April – 15 May

Hastings artist Carla Wright’s installation was a response to the static playground adjacent to The SPACE. Lot was an interactive installation consisting of geometric forms on wheels & connected by bungee cords which could be manipulated & moved around by children (& adults). The structures could be changed to create new possibilities for play which could be left for the next person to find & make their own.

Wright & artist Anna Chrystal Stephens led a successful workshop on 11 April during the Easter break which saw over 40 children & parents making dream catchers, exploring The SPACE & playing with Lot. http://carlawright.co.uk http://annachrystal.com/

Residency365: Everything else is left behind

25 March

Residency365 (Louise Kenward & Nicole Zaaroura) concluded their investigation & responses to working outdoors. At the end of March, they opened The SPACE to encourage discussions with local residents & passers-by about their on-site photo installation & the issues they’d explored while working in The SPACE. https://residency365.wordpress.com