2017 The Space 2

Colin Priest: Livre
Nicholette Goff: Ghost-plants, stains and traces

16 September – 28 October 2017
offsite: cabinet / armoire
Mediathèque de Moulle, 9 rue des arts, 62910 Moulle

Following on from a 2016 exhibition at Mediathèque de Moulle as part of Espace 36’s ‘La saison britannique’, Christine Gist is continuing to present projects at the library which feature works by artists from the UK and mainland Europe.

For the last 17 years, Goff’s practice has taken her far outside the usual concerns and locations of artists. She is drawn to wild landscapes, dense forests, windswept landscapes and intimate patches of protected ground. In these places she makes imprints of rare, scarce or threatened wild plants, plants that may completely disappear from our landscapes without conservation or protection.

Priest’s new installation ‘Livre’ assembles a folded landscape to enliven the space of Le Bestiare (ou Cortége d’Orphée), a poetic album of 30 short poems by Guillaume Apollinaire. Published in 1911 and selected following the discovery that this was the same year the municipal building was opened which now houses Mediathèque de Moulle. The installation comprises a vibrant edition of Apollinaire’s Bestiary and a bright garden installation.

http://www.nicholettegoff.co.uk http://www.studiocolumba.com http://www.moulle.fr http://espace36.free.fr

Diana Burch: Still,Life….

11 August – 10 September 2017
visible daily dawn to dusk

Diana Burch’s new installation uses woven heat treated plastic to explore ideas about the natural growth occurring in The SPACE. The web-like structures also suggest communities & histories, connecting & interconnecting as they develop. Several structures using lightweight inorganic materials explore the encroachment of wild plants across The SPACE.

Burch led 2 free drop-in workshops on 9 & 10 September in coordination with Heritage Open Days ‘Heritage & Nature’ theme. Participants included a wide range of people who worked with the artist using various plastic materials – cable ties & plastic coated wire to create colourful elements to add to ‘Still, Life…’ or to take home.

‘’Still, Life…’ was realised with the support of Sussex Community Foundation http://www.dianaburch.co.uk

Galerie Rezeda: ground test facilities

7 July – 6 August 2017
visible daily from dawn until dusk

Galerie Rezeda (Adeline Duquennoy & Manuel Reynaud) live & work in Lille. ground test facilities is their 1st project in the UK.

Their collaborative practice includes sculptural installations, objects, drawing, video & performative actions. Their interventions frequently involve other artists, territories & inhabitants. Galerie Rezeda are using The SPACE as an experimental research site as they work in this location creating a new narrative for the site & local neighbourhood.

To view Galerie Rezeda’s videos shot in Hastings & St Leonard go to https://groundtest.tumblr.com

Bob Humm: The Doors building – At Home

2 June – 2 July 2017

Bob Humm created a new interpretation of The Doors building of The SPACE which interacts with the imagination through the many different configurations of the doors & what can be found inside. Through its changing variety of uses, it could become a fascinating structure to play with, a quiet space for contemplation. Over the Midsummer weekend & during St Leonards Festival, the Doors became a 2 seater cinema, the smallest in town, to screen Claire & Bob Humm’s short film Bracken.