2016 The SPACE 2

Jivko Darakchiev: Playland

7 October 2016 – 30 April 2017

This major project is a new film and video piece by international artist Jivko Darakchiev. It explores landscape as a defining feature of collective memory and modern existence.

At various venues on the South Coast. Further information can be found at https://playlandweb.wordpress.com/

Guy Lemonnier: Lignes de Fuite

2 July – 24 July
off site: ESPS, Seaside Road,St Leonards-on-Sea TN38 0AL

Friday-Sunday: 13.00-17.00

Lignes De Fuite is an extension of the artist’s intervention, Hortus, currently at The SPACE, St Johns Road, St Leonards-on-Sea.

At ESPS, Lemonnier introduces an observational device which analyses electrochemical events within the root system of plants. A print panorama of European trees & flowering plants envelops the project space & provides a framework for the study of the anarchic plants (weeds?) colonising The SPACE.

In Lignes De Fuite, the artist brings together numerous elements including plant resins – pine & acacia, artistic fictions – gold resin & dragon blood & 2 digital registers, 21097 & 21154. Lemonnier’s installations often suggest a scientific analysis, an archival system which crosses the boundaries between alchemy & visual practice, all mixed with humour.

Lignes De Fuite has been realised using public funding from The National Lottery through Arts Council England, Hastings Borough Council and East Sussex Arts Partnership

© Guy Lemonnier/Conservatoire Nominal des Arts et Métiers 2016 http://www.lemonnier-cnam.info/

Guy Lemonnier: Hortus

1 June – 24 July                                                    visible daily from dawn until dusk

Guy Lemonnier lives and works in Darnétal, Normandy and is a lecturer at École Supérieure d’Art et Design Le Havre/Rouen. He has participated in several projects in the SE region but this is his first intervention in Hastings/St Leonards.

Lemonnier has created an intriguing and complex watering system for the anarchic vegetation – weeds/ mauvaises herbes – that colonises The SPACE.

The definition of Hortus is an enclosed space, a walled garden.

It is on this site that Lemonnier has observed, identified and established a protective mechanism for the lush plant life which develops during the spring/summer months.

Sharon Haward: PEEK

16 April – 22 May
visible daily from dawn until dusk

Our sense of home is reinforced by our ability to look out of the window at the garden or street, to see and be seen or peek out, unseen. Separated by flimsy stuff we might feel safe and secure on the one side and on the other, exposed.

Some objects clearly belong inside and others outside, yet here, inspired by Donna Haraway’s phrase, Haward has taken ‘pleasure in the confusion of boundaries.’ The objects, curtains, flee their passive role as mediators between outside and inside; they are set free to animate and transform the everyday reality of The Space, responding to the immediate environment and inviting an expanded reading of the site.