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Curiouser #06

14 November
off site: Electro Studios Project Space (ESPS), Seaside Road, St Leonards-on-Sea

A day event at ESPS featuring installations, projections, performance, objects & music by artists from Hastings, around the UK & mainland Europe.Curiouser was initiated in Belgium (2012) by Véronique Van Meerbeek in collaboration with Alain Cantillana, Lorenzo Chiandotto & Laurence Roland. Every event is unique & encourages experimentation & risk in locations outside a gallery context. Curiouser aims to bring together artists & audience to try something new.


Felicity Allen: As if they Existed

23 + 24 October                                                                                               18.00-21.00 + 12.00-16.00                                                                              offsite: Electro Studios Project Space (ESPS), Seaside Road, St Leonards-on-Sea

During the winter 2014/15, to correspond with Turner Contemporary’s spring 2015 exhibition ‘Self’, artist & writer Felicity Allen undertook a residency at Turner Contemporary which explored how women’s work in the arts continues to shift ideas about artistic practice & how to record it.

As If They Existed (2015, 35 mins) is a new film by Felicity Allen, made with artist Tom Dale & commissioned by Turner Contemporary. Throughout her residency, Allen painted watercolour portraits of influential women working within the arts. The film records the development of this work & the conversations shared between Allen & her sitters.

During the film’s screening on Saturday, Allen worked with two sitters to create new portraits. Her current work is the making of Dialogic Portraits, developing complex painted, written, spoken, recorded & filmed portraits in dialogue with the sitters.


Slow Races

10 October
14.00-17.00                                                                                                      offsite: In and around St Leonards on Sea’s Warrior Square Station

A durational performance devised by Claudia Kappenberg, performed by Andrew Barker, Kate Brown, Andrew Downes, Andrew James, Claudia Kappenberg, Katy Pendlebury, Nic Sandiland

A playful intervention where garden gnomes – commonplace ornaments – gather & loiter in loose configurations that gradually with no clear objective moved through the station forecourt & adjacent spaces. In defiance of the exhausting pressures of modernity, the gnomes claimed their right to dawdle & defend the importance of uselessness. SLOW RACES attracted the attention of local people, train passengers & young people as the performance was an unexpected animation of public space.


Le Cambre Students: There is No Place Like Home

9 October
offsite:Opening Event Electro Studios Project Space (ESPS) Seaside Road, St.Leonards-on-Sea
10 October
The Space

A weekend event featuring interventions by sculpture students at La Cambre École Nationale Supérieure des Arts visuels, Bruxelles in collaboration with Johan Muyle, Head of Sculpture & private collector Eric Fabre.

Estelle Cernichowski, Julien Dumond, David Ek, Romane Gérard, Camille Lavier, Gabrielle Lerch, Laurent Quentin, Cécile Satin, William Waseige

The students were in residence at ESPS & The SPACE from 05 -11 October 2015 creating temporary works informed by the local coastal environment with the majority of materials sourced from the streets.The students’ installation at The SPACE utilised loaves of bread, intended to attract birds & wildlife. When the bread disintegrated, it was replaced with wild bird seed.


Grace Adam: Thresholds

22 August – 4 October

Thresholds is a site-specific response to St Leonards’ architecture & is comprised of a series of entrances that refer to doorways of specific buildings around St Leonards-on-Sea. These are buildings constructed & used for worship, entertainment & living. Adam is particularly interested in the built environment & this intervention is part of her on-going exploration into the public & private spaces we build, inhabit & negotiate.

As part of Heritage Open Days, Adam gave a talk on Thursday 10 September at St Leonards Parish Church – a building which had informed Thresholds. The talk gave Adam an opportunity to discuss her recent projects & her research in St Leonards.
Colin Priest: May Fall Silent – walking salon

10 August

A free walking Salon was led by Colin Priest with guests talking about overlooked public art around St Leonards-on-Sea. The participants explored and discovered numerous interventions, some commemorative and others subversive.


Katryn Saqui: WBCT14

1 & 2 August                                                                                                    11-18.00

Reconsidering the overlooked: a film and sound sculpture constructed in the spirit of a fisherman’s Winch Box.


Tom Cardew: Some Images From Me To You

17 & 18 July

offsite:Electro Studios Project Space (ESPS), Seaside Road, St Leonards-on-Sea

An ensemble of four moving image works & one photographic installation containing 625 images enveloped the project space. The works explored the inseparably mundane & profane acts of living while questioning our voluntary recording & documenting everything that we do.

Nathan Burr and Louis Buckley: A 100-Mile Conversation

2 July

offsite:Electro Studios Project Space (ESPS), Seaside Road, St Leonards-on-Sea

The SPACE: offsite screened A 100 Mile-Conversation at ESPS with a Q&A session led by Nathan Burr. The film (60min) was first shown as part of the SICK Festival in Brighton and Manchester 2015.

IN Spring 2013 artists Burr and Buckley walked the length of the South Downs Way, starting in Winchester and ending at Beachy Head. Along the way they walked and talked with everyone from farmers to psychologists to therapists to archaeologists to explore the connections between suicide, mental health, myth and landscape. The film documents the chain of conversations that took place over the nine-day journey.


Tom Cardew: 012 a material platform for the materialist in you              (you want it)

5 June – 19 July

Cardew’s large scale installation, made from pallet wood, takes the form of a performative object and comments on the re-use and appropriation of materials. The wood is an expression of travel, of distance, of trees grown & worked somewhere that isn’t here. Where? By whom? Garish flowers – lobelia, begonia, dahlias – fill the ground below the structure and juxtaposed with the existing indigenous plants, they bring a sense of artificiality and displacement to the site.

Yvo van der Vat: Apologies for Cross-Posting

Artist Yvo van der Vat (the youman) lives and works in Dordrecht (NL) and, with Ibrahim R Ineke, also runs the Den Haag artist-led initiative ‘Baracca’. On 25 March, van der Vat created an intervention as an on-going collaboration between the twin towns of Hastings and Dordrecht. A litter bin was installed in The SPACE which functions as a site for posters of interventions and performance by the artist and Baracca. A reciprocal site in Dordrecht will display The SPACE’s publicity.


Jaye Ho: Like Dazzleships that Pass in the Night

21 March – 15 May

visible daily from dawn until dusk

A new sculptural intervention by Jaye Ho, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Hastings

Like Dazzleships that Pass in the Night was inspired by the incident of a captured German U boat stranded on Hastings beach on 15 April 1919 when being towed to France for demolition. Unable to move the colossal vessel, the U boat was eventually broken up for scrap and it is believed that parts of the keel still remain buried under the shingle.

Jaye Ho’s installation is an abstract interpretation of a U boat surfacing from the sea and the modular geometric shapes are informed by dazzle camouflage. During WW1, over 4,000 British merchant ships and 400 naval ships were painted with dazzle camouflage that was intended to distort the ship features and make it harder for enemy vessels to detect the ship’s range, speed and direction.


Hervé Van De Meulebroeke: Observations

6-27 January

Photography from the Saint-Omer marshes (2004) and a selection of works from the North France (2009) & South East coastal regions (2014)

Observations took place at aSpace Gallery, Sussex Coast College Hastings from 6-27 January 2015. The exhibition featured large format colour photographs by Lille based artist Hervé Van De Meulebroeke. Observations was his second exhibition in the South East region and his first in Hastings. The photographs highlighted the artist’s exploration of coastal landscapes and inland waterways, their dream-like quality calling attention to the detail of the marine world.

On Friday 23 January, aSpace hosted a free creative writing workshop led by Lille based English writer and translator Ian Monk who used Van De Meulebroeke’s photographs as a source of inspiration. The workshop was attended by 15 participants and small publication of the writings was produced.

Observations was the inaugural exhibition of ‘+15’, a year long programme of exhibitions and workshops celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the arts association and art centre Espace 36, Saint-Omer. The exhibition was a cross-border collaboration with Espace 36 in partnership with Tempo Arts Ltd, Hastings.


This year’s programme features a range of temporary projects and events by artists based in South East England, London, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

It is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Hastings Borough Council, The Grassroots Flow-Through Fund through Sussex Community Foundation and East Sussex Arts Partnership.

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