2018 The Space 2

Identity: A collaboration between artists from Hastings & Dordrecht – Twin Towns since 1982

5 October – 2 November – Visible daily from dawn until dusk

Launch event: Friday 5 October 2018 at 18.00

Performances: Saturday 6 October from 14.00-16.00 with Izabela Brudkiewicz & Greig Burgoyne

Artists: Izabela Brudkiewicz • Greig Burgoyne • Christine Gist • Sharon Haward Ibrahim R. Ineke • Tonio de Roover • Yvo van de Vat • Rob Vis

Identity has been realised with the support of The National Lottery through Arts Council England, Hastings Borough Council, The Lions Club of Hastings & in collaboration with Baracca

Greig Burgoyne:Celui que ne m’accompagnait pas

27 September-10 November 2018
cabinet / armoire, Mediathèque de Moulle. 9 rue des Arts, 62910 Moulle

Greig Burgoyne lives & works in Hastings, he is a lecturer at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. He has participated in exhibitions & live performances in the UK & mainland Europe.

Burgoyne’s intensive research at Mediathèque de Moulle provided a situation where he applied an alternative system of the library’s collection that both opened up that order & liberated the words as a result. This process resulted in the production of three works: a wall based text piece, a sound work accessible to library users & visitors & a series of images in the cabinet, representing the empty spaces between books on the library’s shelves. The works gave a new interpretation of words with a focus on sound rather than meaning.

These elements were brought together at the launch with Burgoyne’s live performance where he uttered the sounds of the books while walking both in & outside the library space as he aimed to release words from order & containment & liberate them in space & time.

Burgoyne’s project has been realised in partnership with Espace 36, Saint-Omer & Medithèque de Moulle. Identity is supported by a grant from The Lions Club of Hastings.

Pierre-Yves Brest:A transformable journal, always the same

Gallery Lock In, Little Western Street, Brighton BN1 2PU

For his 1st exhibition in Brighton, Brest presented ‘Le Protaganiste’, a 9 min looped video (2014), a photo installation ‘Journal N° 2– La vitre teintée’ (2-12-13) & a selection from the series ;Que disiez-vous? Berlin 1960 (2008-09).

The exhibition also included a talk on photographic practice with Brest & Photolanguage. Established in 1998, Photolanguage is an art practice collaboration between Nigel Green & Robin Wilson. Its aim is to develop experimental methods for the documentation of architecture & landscape, & to engage with institutional contexts through specifically sited curatorial & publication projects.

Brest’s exhibition has been developed in partnership with Bethan Troakes, curator of Gallery Lock In

Tom Cardew:Manlyhood is Only One Hood

24 August-24 September 2018

Tom Cardew is a multi-disciplinary artist living & working in Wales, this is his second project at The SPACE. His practice explores modes of everyday narrative construction settled within the ambiguous & seemingly contradictory space between irony & sincerity. Cardew’s work interrogates the cultural discrimination between authenticity & non-authenticity, the real & the representational, & asks whether the binary position is itself a complex &, potentially unanswerable concern.

Indeed Manlyhood is Only One Hood considers the often absurd performativity of politically charged texts that attempt to declare definitive answers to subjective & highly nuanced questions. Within the piece, humour is used as a vehicle to explore the fears & vulnerability of a modern masculinity going through an identity crisis.

tomcardew.co.uk @cardewinstagram

Matthieu Husser:‘Historic England (Wave)’

Gallery Lock In, Little Western Street, Brighton BN1 2PU
19 July-29 July 2018

”H-H (Hastings Heritage’
21 July-19 August 2018

Matthieu Husser lives & works in Lille with a studio at La Malterie, Lille. His work is most often translated through sculpture & first addresses notions of heritage & memory across a city, territory. Husser seeks to reproduce or rehabilitate certain vestiges of the urban landscape, whether they go unnoticed, disappear or radically change.

For Gallery Lock In, Husser created sculpture, wall based objects & painting alongside photo prints. All the works were informed by familiar logos associated with English tourism & heritage which Husser had noticed when he made his first research visit to Hastings/St Leonards & Brighton in February 2018.

At The SPACE, Husser reinterpreted English Heritage’s logo as a 3D faux brick structure, suggesting a ruin & a reminder of the former railwaymen’s club which previously occupied The SPACE.

Christina Macadam: Dare to Paint in St Leonards

9 June – 10 July

St Leonards artist Christina Macadam created on-site painting workshops in response to her personal feeling that there was a lack of creative community projects for children & adults who had never drawn or painted before or had ‘not done art since school’. On 9 & 10 June, Macadam led two successful workshops where participants could paint on two large wooden structures. The workshops attracted over 50 people who created 4 unique colourful & vibrant paintings, chalk drawings & images on paper. It was an event that brought local people & passers-by together to be curious, to experiment & to enjoy themselves as they created a collective installation.

The projects at The SPACE & off-site have been realised with the support of The National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Project Grants. The projects & events at The SPACE are supported by Hastings Borough Council’s Match Funding Scheme.

Pierre-Yves Brest: Obliques

31 May – 1 July
cabinet / armoire Mediathèque de Moulle. 9 rue des Arts, 62910 Moulle

Continuing the exhibitions at this satellite venue in France, Pierre-Yves Brest created new interpretations of Obliques, La vitre teintée & Les Briques which were part of a recent exhibition at Château Coquelles, Dunkerque.

Brest’s photographic work is constructed by sets of images, in short chapters, each dedicated to the study of a particular situation or location. Through a strategy of invisibility, absence & silence, Brest invites us to reflect upon our relationship to time, history & to changes in our world. https://pierreyvesbrest.fr

Carla Wright: Lot

7 April – 15 May

Hastings artist Carla Wright’s installation was a response to the static playground adjacent to The SPACE. Lot was an interactive installation consisting of geometric forms on wheels & connected by bungee cords which could be manipulated & moved around by children (& adults). The structures could be changed to create new possibilities for play which could be left for the next person to find & make their own.

Wright & artist Anna Chrystal Stephens led a successful workshop on 11 April during the Easter break which saw over 40 children & parents making dream catchers, exploring The SPACE & playing with Lot. http://carlawright.co.uk http://annachrystal.com/

Residency365: Everything else is left behind

25 March

Residency365 (Louise Kenward & Nicole Zaaroura) concluded their investigation & responses to working outdoors. At the end of March, they opened The SPACE to encourage discussions with local residents & passers-by about their on-site photo installation & the issues they’d explored while working in The SPACE. https://residency365.wordpress.com