2017 The Space 2

Galerie Rezeda: ground test facilities

7 July – 6 August 2017
visible daily from dawn until dusk

Galerie Rezeda (Adeline Duquennoy & Manuel Reynaud) live & work in Lille. ground test facilities is their 1st project in the UK.

Their collaborative practice includes sculptural installations, objects, drawing, video & performative actions. Their interventions frequently involve other artists, territories & inhabitants. Galerie Rezeda are using The SPACE as an experimental research site as they work in this location creating a new narrative for the site & local neighbourhood.

To view Galerie Rezeda’s videos shot in Hastings & St Leonard go to https://groundtest.tumblr.com

Bob Humm: The Doors building – At Home

2 June – 2 July 2017

Bob Humm created a new interpretation of The Doors building of The SPACE which interacts with the imagination through the many different configurations of the doors & what can be found inside. Through its changing variety of uses, it could become a fascinating structure to play with, a quiet space for contemplation. Over the Midsummer weekend & during St Leonards Festival, the Doors became a 2 seater cinema, the smallest in town, to screen Claire & Bob Humm’s short film Bracken.