2019 The Space

Julie Maresq:Familles Harmonieuses
photography and drawing

15 June – 26 July 2019

cabinet / armoire Médiathèque municipale de Moulle, 9 rue des Arts, 62910 Moulle
Julie Maresq lives & works in Lille with a studio at La Malterie. In her photographic practice, Maresq is intrigued by double meanings which give the viewer a sense of unease. Lying between fiction & reality, her focus is always on her subjects, exploring the point where vulnerability & lucidity collide. The works in Familles Harmonieuses are staged scenes in which the spatial dynamics are of equal importance as the subjects.

For the cabinet in the library’s entrance, Maresq presents a new installation L’ouvrière created from cut-out figurative ink drawings & paintings directly on the cabinet’s glass doors..These images refer to Maresq’s interest in societal & political issues while giving an introduction to her work within the library.
Familles Harmonieuses has been organised by Christine Gist in partnership with Espace 36, Saint-Omer & Médiathèque municipale de Moulle.

Curiouser #10

Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 June

This weekend event organised by Véronique van Meerbeek and Belgian colleagues presented temporary interventions, performance & sound by artists from Belgium, London & Hastings.
Curiouser events are usually annual which take place in public spaces & temporary use locations, often in Belgium. Artists are encouraged to make work that exists for a day or weekend. Visitors are invited to ‘be curious and experience something new and different’. The next Curiouser event is proposed for November 2019 in Bruxelles.

Brian Mander:Boy

16 April – 26 May

Brian Mander lives and works in Brighton, he considers himself an emerging artist and has shown large scale installations mainly in Brighton and around the South coast but hopes to extend his reach.

With what he considers to be a crucial, fundamental, hands-on approach to sculpture, working with a variety of heavy materials, the conceptual integrity of his work is rigorously framed, engaging the deeply personal with universal themes of loss, displacement, trauma and redemption.

Boy marks the 100th anniversary of the beaching of the mine laying submarine U1 18 seized from the Imperial German Navy which became stranded on Hastings beach 15 April 1919.