2022 The SPACE 2

Curieux Curieuses de savoir

An exhibition informed by nomadic artists’ residencies in the UK, the Netherlands, Majorca, Italy & France.

24 September – 30 November 2022 Médiathèque municipale de Moulle.

Artists: Michèle Atchadé • Amentia Brochard • Lizzie Coleman-Link • Madeleine Doré • Christine Gist • Valérie Morraja • Seeta Muller • Jean-Louis Pacquelin • Françoise Rod • Yvo van der Vat • Marcos Vidal

Initiated by Christine Gist (artist and director of Tempo Arts Ltd UK) in collaboration with Seeta Muller (museeLAB France) and Espace 36 (France) in partnership with Médiathèque municipale de Moulle.

Joies de l’impression: Christine Gist

9 April – 10 June 2022
off-site – cabinet/armoire : Médiathèque municipale de Moulle (Fr)
Les joies de l’impression features prints created in workshops led by Marcos Vidal in 2019 & 2021. The prints were made by residents of Plovdiv (BU) and members of Compass Community Arts, Eastbourne (UK). Other prints were produced during a workshop in Moulle led by Christine Gist.

Stephen Williams : authentic forgery

2022 – A Tempo Arts project featuring commissioned works for Artists Billboard